msi: Fix some copy/paste bugs in the implementation of condition operators.

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Jun 5 10:24:00 CDT 2006

EA Durbin wrote:

> obviously my patch wasn't "wrong" as you so put it, as this is the same 
> thing as the one I submitted. I just phrased the definition of it wrong 
> assuming the conditional statements were used by SQL.

Your patch caused the regression tests to fail, and Hans' did not.

err:msi:msi_get_dialog_record query failed for dialog L"boo"
fixme:msi:ACTION_PerformUIAction unhandled msi action L"boo"
package.c:618: Test failed: wrong return val
make[1]: *** [package.ok] Error 1

You seem to have a different theory of what's causing the failure every day.

I'm somewhat disappointed that you refuse to write a regression test to 
show what you've found.  It would give me confidence in what your 
analysis of the problem, assist me in fixing the problem, and prevent it 
from happening again.


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