msi: Fix some copy/paste bugs in the implementation of condition operators.

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Jun 5 10:38:16 CDT 2006

EA Durbin wrote:

> I did in fact write a test, which does prove this. Hans has a copy of 
> it, and i think i sent it to wine-devel too.

I haven't seen any patch for the Wine regression test suite as yet, and 
that is what I have been asking you to write.

> As for files.c, the query in ready_media_for_file() should be passing an 
> unsinged integer as LastSequence must be greater than zero.

You patch is wrong because the value you are printing is an INT, so 
using %d is correct, and using %u will print the wrong thing when the 
INT is less than zero.


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