lstrlen(A/W) patch

Andreas Mohr andi at
Tue Jun 6 10:03:39 CDT 2006


On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 09:24:24PM -0600, Clinton Stimpson wrote:
> I encountered a crash when using PAF 5.2.
> The following patch will fix the crash.
> MSDN documentation says "*lstrlen* assumes that /lpString/ is a 
> null-terminated string, or NULL"

MSDN documentation says many things... most of them wrong. ;-)
(only slightly exaggerated, given Wine's experience with MSDN "correctness"
over the years)

IOW, I severely doubt that this is indeed the way Windows behaves,
otherwise it'd have been fixed in Wine a long time ago already since
apps would rely on and fully expect this behaviour of such a central
and important function.

Most likely you encountered application misbehaviour (feeding a NULL parameter
to a function expecting non-NULL) due to a different Wine bug which thus
caused the app to mis-step.
Would be interesting to figure out why this happened (e.g. via +relay trace).

Andreas Mohr

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