lstrlen(A/W) patch

Mike McCormack mike at
Tue Jun 6 20:36:47 CDT 2006

Clinton Stimpson wrote:

> Oh, used internally, ok (I thought it was public and that the wine 
> debugger said Paf 5.2 called that lstrlenW directly).

The public version is defined in dlls/kernel/string.c, and has an 
exception handler as required by Win32.

> So here's another patch that fixes a crash in Personal Ancestral File 
> 5.2 when opening notes for an individual that has no notes.
> I'm not sure that's how it is supposed to be fixed, but at least you can 
> see that the root of the crash is a EM_SETTEXTEX message with lParam = 

These patches should be sent to wine-patches.

Does the Richedit control return an error, or clear itself when passed 
EM_SETTEXTEX with lParam = NULL?


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