Feedback requested on an OpenAL audio driver patch

Nick Burns adger44 at
Wed Jun 7 23:25:44 CDT 2006

>From: Robert Reif <reif at>
>Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 20:55:58 -0400
>Nick Burns wrote:
>>It seemed to work well for GTA3, Tribes2 and FlatOut(requires a binary 
>>patch to run) (dsound) -- and for SndRec32 (win/wout)
>>(Games and ...App... tested under Mac OSX x86 -- Mac Book Pro)
>How do the winmm and dsound regression tests work when run in the 
>interactive mode?

I did not know these tests existed -- cool...
So I ran dsound_test and winmm_test (interactive mode?) on the command line
There are some failures -- but no crashing

Some games like Carmageddon2 are unhappy with openal atm.

- Nick

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