Feedback requested on an OpenAL audio driver patch

Nick Burns adger44 at
Wed Jun 7 23:35:54 CDT 2006

>From: Leon Freitag <leon_fraitak at>
>Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 15:54:49 +0200
>My first impressions:
>1) Doesn't compile here:
>audio.c: In function ‘OpenAL_WaveClose’:
>audio.c:636: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be
>because alcCloseDevice() is declared here as void (my openal version is

Grr -- OpenAL 1.0 spec does not return anything there (Thanks good catch)
This means I cannot check errors on device closing...

(fixed will e in next patch)

>2) It'd be better to convert ALC errors from FIXMEs to ERRs.

Will do -- I was just used to FIXME...
Hehe at first (as I was implementing) they were fixme for real! Now they are 
openal failures.

(fixed will be in next patch)

>3) You don't link the driver to openal somewhy (there's no -lopenal switch
>passed to gcc). Perhaps it's related to the hack I made, but I
>had to modify dlls/winmm/wineopenal/ and add openal there too.

It should do a -lopenal -- looking at
'if test "$ac_cv_header_al_al_h" = "yes"
	dnl OpenAL framework

Could be related to 4...

(should work in next patch due to fix in 4)

>4) You check for al/al.h and OpenAL/al.h within the configure script but 
>include AL/al.h and OpenAL/al.h. This doesn't work on Linux, since Linux
>filesystems are case sensitive.

Whoops -- its SUPPOSED to be AL/al.h -- I typoed!
(fixed in -- will be sending new patch)


Thanks for the feedback! -- all the way from Russia

- Nick

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