Feedback requested on an OpenAL audio driver patch -- #2

Nick Burns adger44 at
Thu Jun 8 02:13:57 CDT 2006

Ok I fixed up my OpenAL driver as per the suggestions (thanks much)

I am not sure how to use or test pkg-config (does that exist on Mac OSX?)

The differences with the OpenAL driver patch...
1. It has a perty ChangeLog diff
2. now checks for AL/al.h (which is where OpenAL should be)
3. dlls/ should patch correctly now (I did not hand edit it this 
time -- still crossing fingers)
4. FIXME's -> ERR's for the legit OpenAL errs
5. alcCloseDevice in OpenAL 1.0 (no return value) in 1.1 it returns a 
-- .: I dont check the boolean anymore -- meaning this error is now slient

- Nick

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