Feedback requested for Mac OSX x86 stack patch

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Jun 8 04:29:11 CDT 2006

Nick Burns wrote:

> I tried using winapi_check, winapi_test, winapi_...
> They all seemed to give me some odd perl errors (missing defs/funcs in 
> that WERE there and were also in
> So... I stupidly went thru and made the relevant files work by copying 
> and pasting the functions and changing def imports to (what a 
> pain that was -- as i dont know perl)
> I am guessing this should just WORK...
> It seems like it would be a good idea to go thru the msvcrt functions 
> and label the exports as
> WINAPIV (or __cdecl) -- im not sure what the desired convention is.

WINAPIV is purely for vararg functions and might not match the calling 
conventions of msvcrt on other platforms. You should label them with 
CDECL instead, as Alexandre suggested.

Rob Shearman

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