wined3d: GLSL Patch feedback requested

Jason Green jave27 at
Thu Jun 8 10:35:42 CDT 2006

The current cumulative patch is located here:

(This includes the recently submitted "Split constant loading out of
drawPrim()" patch, which hasn't been applied to git yet)

Before submitting, I plan to fix the following things:

- Fix relative addressing (it was working correctly, then I lost some
stuff when my hard drive got corrupted, and now it's using R0 instead
of A0 as the address register for some reason)
- Switch the shader_reg_maps.constantsF[] to a CHAR array instead of a
BOOL array (maybe even a bitmap(?))

This whole patchset should be a no-op for normal users, unless they
have the UseGLSL registry key enabled.  Here's a list of the
changelogs that this cumulative patch entails, somewhat in the order
that I'll be sending them:

[already sent] Move constant loading out of DrawPrimDrawStrided()
- DrawPrim is just too big of a function.  This separates the passing
of constants to the shader into new functions.
- Fixes an off-by-one error when loading vertex declaration constants
(should be <, not <=)
- Adds a function for GLSL loading of constants (aka Uniforms)
- Adds a GLSL program variable to the stateblock and sets it to 0 (a
future patch will actually create this program)

Add GLSL helper functions to device.c
- Adds functions to attach & detach shader objects, create and delete
programs, and maintain the list of programs.
- Adds a list of GLSL shader programs to the device which is
initialized on Init3D(), and deleted on Release()

Add the bulk of the GLSL string generation functions
- Add a new file glsl_shader.c which contains almost every GLSL
specific function we'll need
- Move print_glsl_info() into glsl_shader.c
- Move the shader_reg_maps struct info into the private header, and
make it part of SHADER_OPCODE_ARG.
- Create a new shared ps/vs register map for float constants (future
patch will make ARB programs use this, too)
- This is a big patch, but none of the new functions in glsl_shader.c
are being called yet.  This just sets them up.

Unified float constant register mapping between ARB pixel and vertex shaders.
- Got rid of the separate constant maps.
 - Side effect of this is that the map is a bit larger for pixel
shaders than it needs to be.
 - Will make this dynamic in a future patch.

Added more declarations to GLSL in generate_glsl_declarations()
- Declare more variable names for GLSL programs.
- Correct output name for pixel shaders (gl_FragColor instead of glFragColor)

Map pixel shader instructions to GLSL generating functions.
- Also, delete the GLSL program when the refcount hits 0

Map vertex shader instructions to GLSL generating functions.
- Also, delete the GLSL program when the refcount hits 0

Allow drawPrim to create and use the GLSL program
- Now that we can fully create a GLSL program, this patch lets us
actually use it.

I would have submitted these all separate for review, but I have some
janitorial git cleanup to do first to get all of this in the right

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