Feedback requested for Mac OSX x86 stack patch

Nick Burns adger44 at
Thu Jun 8 13:39:06 CDT 2006

>From: Robert Shearman <rob at>
>Subject: Re: Feedback requested for Mac OSX x86 stack patch
>Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 10:29:11 +0100
>Nick Burns wrote:
>>I tried using winapi_check, winapi_test, winapi_...
>>They all seemed to give me some odd perl errors (missing defs/funcs in 
>> that WERE there and were also in
>>So... I stupidly went thru and made the relevant files work by copying and 
>>pasting the functions and changing def imports to (what a pain 
>>that was -- as i dont know perl)
>>I am guessing this should just WORK...
>>It seems like it would be a good idea to go thru the msvcrt functions and 
>>label the exports as
>>WINAPIV (or __cdecl) -- im not sure what the desired convention is.
>WINAPIV is purely for vararg functions and might not match the calling 
>conventions of msvcrt on other platforms. You should label them with CDECL 
>instead, as Alexandre suggested.

Ok if thats the correct solution -- some one (either me or someone else) 
should patch msvcrt to have have its exported functions as CDECL (which I 
now believe means that its an EXTERNAL EXPORTED function)
I do not want the force attrib on internal functions for no good reason...
The patch as it stands is heavy handed.. and needs to be narrowed correctly 
-- __stdcall/__cdecl could be internal maybe sometimes?.

>Rob Shearman

- Nick

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