Recording with "Lexia" (mci "open new")

Peter Åstrand astrand at
Thu Jun 8 15:22:03 CDT 2006

> 1) I believe the mciwave.c patch below makes sense in any case, right?
>>    Without it freed memory is used.
> I don't see why ?

wmw->openParms.lpstrElementName and filename is a pointer to the same 
memory, due to this statement in WAVE_mciOpen:

memcpy(&wmw->openParms, lpOpenParms, sizeof(MCI_WAVE_OPEN_PARMSA));

>> 2) Any ideas why "open new" works, even though
> because "open new alias capture" should create a new mci session of name 
> capture (which is application defined), and mci supports the "auto" open 
> feature, which is when accessing a not yet created device, it opens it. so, 
> the fix to system.ini is wrong. what's missing is the support of the new 
> keyword, as the FIXME in mci.c suggests.

Are you referring to FIXME("'new': NIY as device name\n")? In that case, 
can you roughly describe what needs to be done? Or, perhaps you have a 
plan for fixing this yourself? :)

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