regedit: bug fixes/feature

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Jun 9 03:31:55 CDT 2006

Anoni Moose wrote:

> These patches save current node on click, and remove items before 
> opening keys, so if a node has no keys/is invalid, no keys show, which 
> can lead to problems. Changelog:
>     * programs/regedit/main.c, programs/regedit/childwnd.c:
>     regedit: Save current node to registry on change; load again after 
> regedit is reopened.
>              -Don't UpdateWindow() in InitInstance() (unneeded, adds 
> flicker).
>              -Delete all items from listview before opening key, so if 
> key open fails, no items display.

This patch looks good, but I'm not sure about removing the UpdateWindow 
call. I think it is still necessary, although it might be better to move 
it to after the getting of the default path, which should remove the 

Rob Shearman

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