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Sat Jun 10 09:20:53 CDT 2006

On 6/9/06, James Hawkins <truiken at> wrote:
> > If you is didn't understand, lots of bugs & problems that you
> > raise are not as critical as you think they are.
> I don't really agree, but assuming that were true, this is an open
> source project.  You work on things you want to work on, fix bugs you
> want to fix.  Bugs are bugs, and no matter how small or irrelevant
> they are to you, we shouldn't ignore them, and if they are small, then
> we should be fixing them quicker.

I do lots of random testing (e.g. by using Firefox on Wine) to
try to understand what it's like to really rely on Wine, and
as a result, I generate lots of bug reports that might seem odd
to the casual observer.

It may have been hard to tell from my post, but
I installed this tool on a lark, and my post was meant to be
tongue-in-cheeck.  The bug report is real; something's funky
with MSI.  The app is obviously low priority, but I thought it
was better to file it rather than just laugh.

If you want to see the bugs I consider high priority,
have a look at
My top five app list is

* Visual Basic 6 and Visual C++ 6 (to make it easier for
Windows ISVs to debug their code on Wine)

* SPSS11 and Keeptool-Hora (because Munich chose those as apps
to test under Wine for their Limux linux desktop conversion project)

* iSBEM (; uses Access 2000;
the UK gov't requires building contractors to use this software,
and it would be great PR for the Wine community to get this working well,
I think.)

Now how do you feel about my priorities?
- Dan

Wine for Windows ISVs:

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