Icmp* functions in iphlpapi.dll

Simon Kissane skissane at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 18:23:22 CDT 2006


In Win2000, the ICMP functions exist in icmp.dll
In WinXP, they are still there, but they have also been duplicated
into iphlpapi.dll

How would one go about adding them to iphlpapi? Does one just
duplicate all the code in the second DLL, or is there a way to have
some function implemented once & then exported by multiple DLLs? (I'm
a Wine newbie...)

Suppose one was to add code to iphlpapi's LibMain which did
LoadLibrary & GetProcAddress to get the addresses of the functions in
icmp.dll, and then the iphlpapi implementations just called the
icmp.dll implementations? (I'm assuming doing a static import would
result in some kind of name collission?)


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