Gnome and KDE wine configuration tools

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Sun Jun 11 23:33:16 CDT 2006


I was just looking at browsing net for some linux stuff.
I just happend to see some news related to wine

Wine-doors :
    Its just a wine installation utility for GNOME with
preliminary(very basic and primitive) wine      configuration.It has
support for multiple installations, from screenshots i think so.
    I got this news from here, and
more information can be got from its web site

Guidance :
     Its not completely wine configuration utility, but a general
purpose system configuration utility for KDE. It now has got some
module for configuring WINE also. I got this news from I havent tested it, but it can be got
from here

Conclusion, its for you all to decide which is the best tool. And not
to forget give some valuable inputs to the developers to improve.


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