setupapi.dll: partially implement SetupDiGetClassDevsExA

Damjan Jovanovic dj015 at
Mon Jun 12 08:04:58 CDT 2006

--- Peter Beutner <p.beutner at> wrote:

> Mike McCormack wrote:
> > Christian Gmeiner wrote:
> >> Partially implement SetupDiGetClassDevsExA. This
> patch bases on 
> >> reactos setupapi.dll.
> > 
> > Don't be suprised if your patch isn't accepted. 
> ReactOS is considered a 
> > dirty reverse engineering project by many, and
> Alexandre has rejected 
> > patches using their code before.
> I thought they started auditing their code and
> removing any "dirty" parts?
> And according to their website this process is
> nearly done.
> btw. using their code as documentation to implement
> something on wine
> should be safe nevertheless, shouldn't it?
> > The fact that some developers work both on
> tinykrnl (a self-admitted 
> > 'dirty' reverse engineering effort) and ReactOS at
> the same time should 
> > be enough to show you that they're walking close
> to, or maybe over the 
> > fine line.
> > 
> > Please don't post ReactOS code to wine-patches
> again.
> hm I thought direct code sharing wasn't even
> possible before because of
> the different licenses(GPL<->LGPL)?

Only the ReactOS kernel is GPL, other parts have other
licences. And they took SETUPAPI from us so it's still
licenced under the LGPL.

Am I to understand that if I want
SetupDiGetClassDevsExW() and some other APIs I need
for the still image system, I need to write them
without even looking at the ReactOS code? I think
that's unfair, the ReactOS SETUPAPI doesn't look
reverse-engineered, everything in there conforms to
the MSDN documentation and it's too incomplete to be
reverse-engineered. Making such harsh judgements about
one API (which they derived from wine and changed a
little) just because of the bad reputation of some
other parts of ReactOS is wrong, IMO.

So what's the story, are you accepting any
ReactOS-derived patches for dlls/setupapi/devinst.c,
or do I need to start writing my own?


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