Broken FC5 packages - stay clear.

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Mon Jun 12 10:21:36 CDT 2006

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006 15:41:16 +0100
Mike Hearn <mike at> wrote:

> There seems to be another issue here ... you removed the rpath code with a
> link to two bugs that don't seem to indicate that was causing the problem.
> Now I appreciate that given RPMs are not relocatable it makes no
> difference to your users but I am concerned that a problem apparently
> unconnected to it caused this change. Vendor patches are bad, for Wine
> they usually either mask upstream bugs or cause them.

Well, for Fedora rpath are considered bad and as wine does not allow for
--disable-rpath (which I would rather use) I applied this patch to get rid of
them (and solve the problems that they where causing.

Maybe fedora is broken in a way here or maybe it is not but rpath need to go
out for the Fedora Extras rpm and if this fixes some bugs which are only there
on fedora and the fedora rpms I am glad to close the according bugs (and leave
a not the changelog so I remember what I did).

- Andreas
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