setupapi.dll: partially implement SetupDiGetClassDevsExA

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Jun 12 11:48:08 CDT 2006

"Saulius Krasuckas" <saulius2 at> wrote:

>> * "Saulius Krasuckas" <saulius2 at> wrote:
>> > 
>> > What would you suggest me to do?  To annoy everyone on the list during 
>> > 2 years by asking for a tutorial on how to debug dx game which draws 
>> > black menu? ;-)
>> Make yourself an expert in the area you are trying to improve. Read 
>> MSDN, books, find code samples on the net, write the tests on your own.
> Sometimes comparing traces is easier than buying a book,

IMO you'd spend that 2 years much more productively by learning how
the things work instead of trying to understand gibberish of the traces.
Perhaps you would even become a high quality specialist in that area and
could star earning more money for your life.

> for which I have
> no money

Do the libraries exist in your area?

> or is more ethical than reading a book, which perhaps was written 
> by a reverse engineer about his knowlegde, don't you think so?

Oh year, speculating about the source of the book which you don't want
to read is much more productive than actually learning something.

> But, Dmitry, you haven't answered the question about the legitimity of the 
> analysis from the mentioned bug [*] yet.  I state it was collected by 
> reverse engineering.  Should I erase my memory or ask Tony to delete 
> appropriate DB records from the bugzilla? ;-)

Are you talking about ?


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