wined3d: GLSL Patch feedback requested

Raphael fenix at
Mon Jun 12 19:16:35 CDT 2006

On Thursday 08 June 2006 17:35, Jason Green wrote:
> The current cumulative patch is located here:

I hate you, reviewing all this patch made me crazy.

Anyway is an impressive work 

I only have one  question:
 i see you have a cache to reuse prgid in set_glsl_shader_program but what 
happens if user/app change the shaders content (for example using 
SetFunction) ? your pre-compiled program will be correct ?
(because i don't see any list cleanup in shaders function reset)

And many comments:

 void inline  drawPrimitiveDrawStrided(IWineD3DDevice *iface, BOOL 
useVertexShaderFunction, BOOL usePixelShaderFunction, int useHW, 
WineDirect3DVertexStridedData *dataLocations,
 UINT numberOfvertices, UINT numberOfIndicies, GLenum glPrimType, const void 
*idxData, short idxSize, int minIndex, long StartIdx) {
     IWineD3DDeviceImpl *This = (IWineD3DDeviceImpl *)iface;
@@ -1791,91 +1920,59 @@ #endif
         TRACE("Loaded arrays\n");
+        /* Bind the correct GLSL shader program based on the currently set 
vertex & pixel shaders. */
+        if (wined3d_settings.shader_mode == SHADER_GLSL) {
+            GLhandleARB programId;
+            set_glsl_shader_program(iface);
+            programId = This->stateBlock->shaderPrgId;    
+            if (programId != 0) {
+                /* Start using this program ID */
+                TRACE_(d3d_shader)("Using GLSL program %u\n", programId);
+                GL_EXTCALL(glUseProgramObjectARB(programId));
+                checkGLcall("glUseProgramObjectARB");
+            } 
+        }
         if (useVertexShaderFunction) {

 - It is correct to have GLSL binding code out of "if 
(useVertexShaderFunction)" block ?

 - i think moving binding code (GLSL and ARB) on a new base shader method (ex 
IWineD3DBaseShaderImpl_Bind) will be cleaner (and permit to not have GLS/ARB 
code in drawprim)

 - same for shaders constant loading

Best Regards,
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