What is needed to get more sites with a winetest executable

Paul Vriens paul.vriens at xs4all.nl
Tue Jun 13 03:57:26 CDT 2006

> Am Montag, 12. Juni 2006 20:22 schrieb Paul Vriens:
>> Hi,
>> in the last months we've experienced several times that there was no
winetest.exe available at the usual location
>> (http://www.astro.gla.ac.uk/users/paulm/WRT/CrossBuilt/) for several
days/weeks. The reasons are sometimes known but in any case it's a
Single Point Of Failure.
>> What will it take to have multiple sites generating and hosting the
winetest executable? Or do we already have this?
>> Cheers,
>> Paul.
> Hi,
> not the answer to your question, but some thoughts about the topic.
> As long as the automatic build of Paul Millar works, there is not reason to
> have a second winetest binary for nearly the same git/cvs source of the
tests. One binary a day is enough. If you check
> http://test.winehq.org/data/
> you will see that we miss often tests results for some windows platforms.
> If building the winetest binary fails. Someone needs to look into the
> anyway. In almost all cases its a missing import in a library the test
ist linked against. So first "our mingw environment" needs to be fixed.
Just running another automatic build will fail with the same error as
the build of
> Paul.
> Its not hard for me to do the manual build. I just need some webspace to
> the stuff on. And i need to know what needs to be modified in the source
before the build (somehow the build date need to be patched into the
> Also the question is how the new build is announce to the public (hope that
> it si not the case that it appears on astro.gla.ac.uk).
> Bye Stefan

exactly my point. I know Paul Millar fixes stuff all the time by patches
of you I think and Hans Leidekker (and others). But he is only one person,
with of course a limited amount of time.

Maybe we should have a few sites generating the winebuild and using a
different path to publish stuff at test.winehq.org/data/[site]. We don't
want to mix the output of different executables in one view (apples and

Another thing what we could is just use a well-known-url for the
winetest.exe like we did with the Mozilla ActiveX component. This url
should of course point to the latest available on all site (don't know if
that's feasible).



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