msvcrt[1/2]: add initial tests for dlls/msvcrt/data.c

Andrew Ziem ahziem1 at
Tue Jun 13 08:02:04 CDT 2006

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Andrew Ziem <ahziem1 at> writes:
>> +typedef void (*_INITTERMFUN)(void);
>> +unsigned int (WINAPI *p_initterm)(_INITTERMFUN *,_INITTERMFUN *);
> Msvcrt functions are not WINAPI. And why don't you simply call the
> function directly instead of loading it dynamically?

I found the second problem.  To avoid warning implicit declaration of 
function ‘_initterm’ when compiling the test data.c, where should 
_initterm be declared?  In a new dlls/msvcrt/data.h?


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