Broken FC5 packages - stay clear.

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Tue Jun 13 09:19:50 CDT 2006

On 6/13/06, Andreas Bierfert <andreas.bierfert at> wrote:
> Hm maybe it is... but then I am no wine crack... splitting stuff up is
> something you do in packaging and what really is encouraged by distributions.
> Splitting stuff makes users happy and I can see why... ;)

First off, thank you very much for building the FC packages.  It was
something we were sorely lacking for months and it's a thankless job.
So, thanks.

I'd disagree about the 'splitting stuff makes users happy'.  As a long
time RH user and former sys admin, I hate it.  It's one of the reasons
I used to dislike Debian, although apt is very good at hiding
dependencies.  The last thing I want to do when I go to download a
piece of software is to figure out which of the 50 million packages I
need.  In the end I usually download them all and try to install them.
 It's frustrating.

As others mentioned, the tools package really needs to be included.  I
understand why you split the other stuff out, so maybe we need to do
something like this:

1.  Put wine and wine-tools together.  Call it 'wine'
2.  Not include wine-nas or wine-jack.  Aren't they both currently
broken?  For that matter, I think I heard wine-arts is as well.
3.  Combine wine-debuginfo with wine-devel and call it wine-devel.
They're both necessary for development, right?

The rest of the packages won't be necessary for 99% of users.  Can we
just tell them that in the description of the RPM?  For example, for

"This package contains special color management for use with Wine by
integrating with LittleCMS.  Most users will never need to even think
of downloading this package.  If you're doing high-end graphics work
using a commercial Windows package, you might want to consider using

Maybe you already do, I didn't download them and look.  So, perhaps
the package names should even reflect that.  Instead of "wine-ldap",
call it "wine-extras-ldap".  That'd probably be enough for me to
figure out what I needed.

By the way, the whole Gecko integration Jacek is doing seems like
something packagers should tackle with Wine.  It'd be nice if someone
could come up with a contained Windows Gecko package that could be
included with the basic Wine package.


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