Broken FC5 packages - stay clear.

n0dalus n0dalus+wine at
Tue Jun 13 10:22:05 CDT 2006

On 6/13/06, Brian Vincent <brian.vincent at> wrote:
> 1.  Put wine and wine-tools together.  Call it 'wine'

Or make wine require wine-tools. There's nothing wrong with splitting
up packages, but any recommended combinations should be linked by
requires until rpm/yum starts supporting tags like 'Enhances' and

> 3.  Combine wine-debuginfo with wine-devel and call it wine-devel.
> They're both necessary for development, right?

Debuginfo is built automatically by rpmbuild and can't joined to the
devel package. The debuginfo package is only needed for debugging,
whereas (I think) the -devel package is used for things like making
winelib apps. All packages in Fedora are like that, and developers are
used to that now.

I think that most users would just install 'wine' and use it. I don't
think it's common for people to get confused over which of all the
packages they should install. Unless they know already that they need
something non-standard, anything not required by the base package is
probably something they won't need.


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