Wine's Mozilla Control - Very old

Boaz Harrosh wine at
Tue Jun 13 11:35:57 CDT 2006

For any it might concern!

The Mozilla ActiveX Control recommended for download by Wine is based on 
a pre FireFox 1.0 gecko engine and is missing support for many web 

I was doing development in Windows and needed an Embedded browser. I 
wanted to also support Mozilla engine and was Quickly downloading the 
ActiveX from wine download page. (My installed FireFox does not supply 
one). My work involved embedding the FCKEditor 
( So I installed and change the source 
code to use the Mozilla GUID and oops FCKEditor does not work.

After some investigation I found that even though the Control's package 
is from Q4/2005 the engine included is much older and belongs to Mozilla 
1.6 or something. Since then the Mozilla package did not include a new 
Control and Has eventually stopped been released. (Do to FireFox 
replacing it).

The New (Mozilla 1.8) Control can only be found in the new SeaMonkey 
1.0.x package, which is what I got. And with this control every thing 
works grate. (Even better than IE). Now SeaMonkey 
( is a very large package and 
is not something a user would be Happy to be forced with. I did Package 
a one time Installation of the new Control, stripping down from 
SeaMonkey anything I could guess does not belong. But this is a one time 
Job and I'm not sure is the right solution. Maybe we should contact the 
Sea-Monkey maintainers and ask them to Also produce an "on the side" 
extra package for our sake. I have not done that yet ... Any body in 
contact with

Free Life

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