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Jacek Caban jacek at
Wed Jun 14 09:55:33 CDT 2006


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Re: Built-in iexplore
Re: acad 2004 licence file bug
Re: Broken FC5 packages - stay clear.

Last week Wine Gecko was mentioned a few times on this mailing list and 
I can see that there is no understanding of it. It's not really 
surprising as it's a big mess ATM. We can still use Mozilla ActiveX 
control (but that needs to be removed) or (xor) directly Gecko. 
Sometimes  (if the app uses HTMLDocument directly, not via WebBrowser, 
like iexplore does) only the second option works. That has led me to do 
what I am planning to do later. I've just sent Wine Gecko installer. 
After it will be committed, a system similar to Mozilla ActiveX control 
download will have to be set up (that is upload the package to 
SourceForge and add a script that directs download of it). That will 
allow us to get rid of Mozilla ActiveX control.


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