Shell integration

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Wed Jun 14 15:29:35 CDT 2006

  I've changed the code not to use COM. Now it loads a DLL and searches 
for a GetIntegrationObject entry point. That function returns structures 
with a pointer to the ops structure. This is similar to how GDI objects 
are implemented.
  One could also export all the function from the DLL and build the ops 
structs on the client side (like it is done in GDI/User drivers) but 
that would require more code to be written and make it harder to forward 
all the unhandler objects from e.g. the kde driver to the freedesktop 
driver - we would need to add entry point forwarding every time we add a 
new functions to the freedesktop driver.
  Is this approach good?

Mikolaj Zalewski
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