Wine on ppc/linux.

Jim White jim at
Wed Jun 14 16:29:19 CDT 2006

Mike Mestnik wrote:

> I'm trying/working to get x86 windows programs to run under linux on a
> ppc and eventualy a sparc.
> After reading the Darwine list, I'm not sure where the best place for
> this.
> Will the current move by Apple to x86 hardware replace this project?
> What about alpha, ARM, MIPS and sparc?

With the focus of Wine for Intel Mac OS X development shifting to
wine-devel, Darwine will resume it's focus on Wine for PowerPC Mac OS X.

As Roderick says, the path to X86 emulation integration for Wine is
through QEMU.  You may find the QEMU lists most relevant to your
immediate goal.

But please do join the discussion at darwine-devel, as I think a
PPC/Linux (or rather XXX/Linux) solution for an integrated emulator for
Wine will have a lot in common with one I have in mind for PPC/Darwin.
And certainly we're interested in whatever issues, interest, and
experience you have in running Wine with QEMU.


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