Will pay $$ for fix of Magic: The Gathering Online bug

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Thu Jun 15 00:10:49 CDT 2006

Kyle Winkler wrote:
> Currently, Magic: the Gathering Online almost works, except that the 
> fonts are either absent or illegible.  I am willing the pay US $200 (via 
> PayPal) for this bug to be fixed.  If any of you are willing to give it 
> a try, let me know.  I will pay up front.

hehe.  If you're compiling Wine yourself, do I get $200 for telling you 
to install the latest version of Fontforge, and make sure recent 
freetype libraries are on your system?

Anyway, a good start would be searching bugs.winehq.org, and seeing if 
your bug is present there, and if not, logging the bug.


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