[WineD3D] fix bug 4872

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Thu Jun 15 03:00:59 CDT 2006

Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:

> Seriously though - it's a major pain to read those emails, at least in 
> Thunderbird - you have to download the attachment (since it isn't 
> recognized as text), and open it up in an editor. Is there no way to fix 
> this? I like to read all the d3d discussions, but it's a hassle...

I simply don't read them, and I guess alot of other people don't either.

  X-Mailer: Medianet/v2.0
  Content-Type: undefined

It seems like there's been a few different complaints about 
Medianet/v2.0, so I suggest you use an email client that sets the 
content type correctly to post to wine-devel in future.


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