[WineD3D] fix bug 4872

Raphael fenix at club-internet.fr
Thu Jun 15 15:41:50 CDT 2006

> >>>  }
> >>
> >>You forgot LEAVE_GL();
> >
> > NO, LEAVE_GL() is done on ReleaseFakeGLContextOnNeed.
> > to permit between two calls to can make X/GLX calls safely
> So where are you disposing of it then? I can't find the place that will
> delete this context on device delete.

what device delete ?
ReleaseFakeGLContextOnNeed only delete GLXContext if it was a temporary GLX 
Context (ie. created by CreateFakeGLContextOnNeed, if no one currently 

> Please don't add this sort of stuff. You are correct as-is d3d traces look
> horrid and impossible to find anything. 

Depends if you know what you search ... :)
Anyway, i agree that we must do more work on d3d traces 

> Adding one more type of "screaming 
> at you" output will not make it more readable. It's only used in one place,
> so I don't see why would you accent this error out of any other related
> stuff?

Simply because it's the main cause why too many games complains about D3D init 
And having [OK] [FAILED] is more readable than TRACE("returns %d\n", hr)

> Vitaliy

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