Broken FC5 packages - stay clear.

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Fri Jun 16 02:04:52 CDT 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:36:03 +0100
Mike Hearn <mike at> wrote:
> Well, that would be an improvement but people tend to just guess
> at what they need to type for programs like yum/apt. It's one of the
> problems they have. Does "yum install epiphany" install a web browser or a
> card game? You don't know unless you check beforehand (or try it).

That probably is true for a lot of users...

> I think a meta package called "wine" that installed everything would be
> much better because that would do what end users would intuitively expect.
> And Wine isn't really a suite. It's a large, monolithic program. If it was
> a suite we'd realease separate tarballs upstream.

I would like that a lot better but then you have the problem that people who
have wine installed now (and don't want the rest) will get everything on the
next upgrade... I will think about it and discuss it with some other Fedora
Extras people and see what their opinion is...

> I know, and apologise for my harsh tone earlier. I think it's great you
> are here on wine-devel and working through the problems with us. 

No problem... as long as we work for the same goals I don't mind it to much ;)

> Hopefully you also understand the source of our frustration - I have
> wasted *many* hours debugging problems that turned out to be caused by bad
> packaging. This problem occurs all the time and when we eventually get one
> problem fixed, some other distro somewhere else gets it wrong again and we
> are back to square one. It feels like we never move forward on this issue.

I understand that and I hope that with some changes here and there we can (at
least for the fedora stuff) minimize these problems. That is one part why I
value input from upstream that much...

> Also I'm afraid the answer of "report bugs to"
> is not OK because it is not under our control. I'd say the vast
> majority of end users don't use distributor bug systems and never have,
> not even for Debian which has always had this policy. They post to
> wine-users, or IRC, or our bugzilla, or random web forums. And then we get
> to pick up the pieces.

Yes, and I hope in the future when they do report stuff it really is something
with wine and not with the packages behind it. 

- Andreas

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