wined3d: declaration/FVF conversion test

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at
Sat Jun 17 05:45:48 CDT 2006

> I've attached a patch which seems to fix the first set of failures. 
> This sets FVF values(from converted declarations) which were not set 
> before. I'm still getting a lot of 0 results myself. Pretty sure I 
> have everything enabled.
> Comments?
- If the values really are supposed to be (almost) all 0, then so be 
it... but then there's no point to enumerate them all in the code.
- I was thinking this might go into vertexdeclaration.c instead, as 
vdecl_from_fvf() and vdecl_to_fvf() functions, instead of in the device 
code. In general way too many things are in the device code that 
probably should be distributed into more logical files.

Anyway, thanks for working on this...

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