acad 2004 license file bug

Jaap Stolk jwstolk at
Sun Jun 18 14:22:46 CDT 2006

autocad 2004 update: (install sort-of completed)

Internet Explorer 6: (resolved)
-add registry key
-change version of fake SHDOCVW.DLL to 6.0 or replace with native 6.0.

"EULA not found" error: (bug 3226) (workaround)
-the path to the file is not constructed correctly (not a full path)
-copy eula directory to drive_c, copy cd to drive_c and install from there.

"Unhandled page fault" error: (workaround)
-msi_scrolltext_add_text crases with NULL parameter
add to msi_scrolltext_add_text in /dlls/msi/dialog.c :
  if( !text ){
    FIXME("msi_scrolltext_add_text( , NULL)\n");
-The eula text is missing, and there are no languages to choose from,
but it works.

After that I was able to fill in user details and the serial number,
ans I chose the "compact" install.

"Error restarting the computer": not needed for wine anyway.

"Acad.exe can't find DLL's in drive_c/Program Files/Common
Files/Autodesk Shared":
-I copied them to drive_c/windows/system32
-I was unable to add a path with a space in it to my .bash_profile.

Now I'm getting into the fun part:  (Macromedia Security driver)
err:module:import_dll Library ntoskrnl.exe (which is needed by
L"C:\\windows\\system32\\drivers\\CDAC15BA.SYS") not found

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