wined3d: declaration/FVF conversion test

Jason Green jave27 at
Mon Jun 19 10:34:01 CDT 2006

On 6/15/06, Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg231 at> wrote:
> Hi, I'm attaching test, which demonstrates incorrect behavior of SetFVF
> and SetVertexDeclaration.
> Windows converts one to the other and backwards (at least partially),
> and we do not such thing - this breaks at least 2 demos (dx9_hlsl_*)
> I'm posting it here, because:
> - I don't have Windows, and I need someone to try it on machine with
> pixel shader support (preferably 3.0, will need to enable pshaders and
> GLSL registry key). The whole first part of the test checks decl to fvf
> conversions, and they're almost all set to 0 in order to pass on H.
> Verbeet and V. Margolen's setups [ which have no pshaders ]. MSDN has a
> whole page on how to convert to an fvf, and the values there are
> definitely *not* 0, so that's why I'm suspicious.

I just tested this on a Windows box that supports Shader model 2.0,
and all tests came back positive without failures.   So, now we need
to clean up the test so it doesn't report twice the number of errors
and get it applied.  Then, we fix Wine.  ;-)


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