Win64 status

Ge van Geldorp ge at
Mon Jun 19 13:17:29 CDT 2006

With the Win64 patches I just submitted to wine-patches, I'm able to
successfully build Win64-enabled Wine and execute the following 64-bit
winelib (winelib64? wine64lib?) application:

#include "windows.h"

int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hinst, HINSTANCE hprev, LPSTR cmdline, int
  DWORD Written;

  WriteFile(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), "Hello, world\r\n", 14,
&Written, NULL);

  return 0;

Unfortunately, compiling the above app as a true 64-bit HELLO64.EXE using
Microsoft Visual Studio and then executing it using Wine doesn't work. The
problem is that the calling convention for functions is different between
MSVC and GCC generated apps. Basically, MSVC puts the function arguments in
registers RCX, RDX, R8, R9 while GCC puts function arguments in registers
RDI, RSI, RDX, RCX, R8, R9. I guess we'll have to wait for true .EXE support
until someone teaches GCC the MSVC calling convention.

To prevent confusion: the "normal" 32-bit Wine version runs fine on x86_64
Linux. This is the version you'll want to use, it allows you to run 32-bit
Windows stuff. The remarks above are about running 64-bit Windows
executables which are virtually non-existant at the moment.

Gé van Geldorp.

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