Win64 patch 1/13

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Jun 19 13:44:41 CDT 2006

Ge van Geldorp wrote:

> I don't want them either, but I didn't see another option. 32-bit doesn't
> export Get/SetWindowLongPtrA/W and GetSetClassLongPtrA/W (they are just
> #defines in winuser.h), while 64-bit has to export them.
> Is there a portable solution to set a Make variable only when it doesn't
> have a value yet?

Is there any problem with just exporting them in win32 also?  Last time 
I talked to Alexandre about this, I think that was the conclusion that 
was reached.

>> I thought I already fixed these...  I don't think these will 
>> apply to the current git tree.
> Changes are against current CVS.

I think you're a bit behind the times:

> Except that dlls/ntdll/tests/generated.c was hand-modified.

That would explain the rather large diff that I saw when I regenerated 
these tests :/


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