Winelib Getting Started 1.3.2. Test Drive

Eric Frias efrias at
Tue Jun 20 07:51:57 CDT 2006

Robert Muller wrote:

> Dee Ayy wrote:
> | As a newbie, the statement "It can be found in the programs 
> subdirectory."
> | had me lost.
> [...]
> At this point, the sentance that gave you problems could be modified to
> say: It can be found in the programs subdirectory of the wine source.

There is one other part that is out-of-date: the procedure described 
won't create the 'notepad2' script.  It would be better to change that 
part of section 1.3.2 to suggest you run 'wine' or to 
run 'ln -s ../../tools/winewrapper notepad2' to create the script.  
Aside from that, the instructions look good to me.


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