ntoskrnl followup

Frans Kool frans.kool at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 06:39:26 CDT 2006

Hi Vitaliy,

If I read the thread concerning ntoskrnl insertion into Wine correctly, the
patch will have to be divided into several parts to be accepted by AJ.

For this, tests need probably be written to make sure each sub-patch is
performing as it should. I haven't written C-code for a while, but there are a
lot of tests available for me to have a crack at it.

As I see it, the following tests/patches are needed (in this order?)

1) Tests for talking to ntoskrnl through wineserver (setting up channel, testing
messages both correct and incorrect and closing channel again) in order to test
the new way of communication.

2) Tests to try the ioctl structures

3) loading a device driver, talking to it, unloading it (including negatives
like unloading a non-loaded driver etc).

4) Open issues like detecting if the driver is actually loaded instead of
waiting X ms....

The questions I have are:
a) Is the breakdown correct, or are there more atomic parts (easier to test/get
into wine). Do you already have a breakdown idea of the patch into smaller parts
 so I/we can focus on this?
b) Did I miss tests or do you have ideas for more?
c) Is the order of the patches correct? If not, please correct me so I can start
creating tests.
d) Can I somehow access the most recent version of the patch? I have several
versions now, but they keep on changing/improving(!). It would be nice if you
could publish it somewhere (nightly CVS tarball?), so more people can provide
feedback on it too.

As you can see, I'm just trying to see if I can contribute on such a big project.
Thanks for the feedback,


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