riched slowdown

James Hawkins truiken at
Tue Jun 20 12:49:08 CDT 2006


I just did a +relay log of the ie6setup.exe installation.  I had to
ctrl-c after the log grew to 3.5gb and the initial screen hadn't been
displayed yet.  tail -n 1000 relay.log showed call after call to
WideCharToMultibyte before I finally killed the install.  Here is a
sample of one of the calls:


So the length of the "string" we're converting is 1.  Not exactly
efficient.  grep'ing the log for WideCharToMultiByte reveals 39426680
calls, and it wasn't even done loading the EULA.  I'm pretty sure this
is a recent bug in riched, as overriding riched20 and riched32 gets
rid of the problem.

James Hawkins

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