Wine developers?

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Wed Jun 21 00:42:46 CDT 2006

Jonathan Clark wrote:
> replaces the Windows loader for loading EXEs & DLLs, doing things like
> mapping, imports, and thread/process management.  It also replaces ~400
> Win32 api functions

"We're currently borrowing code from the Wine project..."

> with funding coming from our customers.  Recently we've done fairly well
> financially and have the opportunity to try to take the product and company
> to the next level by hiring a couple of senior engineers.  This brings me to
> why I'm posting here..

"...which we're having good commercial success with, so now we'd like
to knick a couple of developers from the project, too!  Sign-up forms

Or did I completely misread your posting? :-D

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