[Bug 5463] ie6 installs now, but doesn't work...

Ulrich Dobramysl uli-do at gmx.at
Wed Jun 21 03:41:11 CDT 2006

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Tuesday, June 20, 2006, 11:27:04 AM, Peter Åstrand wrote:
>> On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Wine Bugs wrote:
>>> vitaliy at kievinfo.com changed:
>>>           What    |Removed                     |Added
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>             Status|RESOLVED                    |CLOSED
>>> ------- Additional Comments From vitaliy at kievinfo.com  2006-19-06 14:11 -------
>>> Again this is not a bug. There is nothing to fix because there is nothing that
>>> broke.
>> I disagree. If IE doesn't run, it's a bug. I would actually say that it's 
>> a major bug - IE is one the those core applications that users expects to 
>> work.
> What would you say if I open a bug about "Windows doesn't work on Wine"?  Or
> better yet, "Can not upgrade Wine to winxp".
>> You are incorrect about "there is nothing to fix": Perhaps the source code 
>> is fine, but the documentation is certainly not. 
>> http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?versionId=469 even says:
>> "(to be continued because then it still doesn\'t run because of ole
>> errors)"
> This is _not_ a documentation. If you are not happy with something on appDB ask
> app maintainers to change that.  Of course suggestions are welcome to what do
> you want to see there.
>>> Anyone is welcome to write up instructions on what to override and place them in
>>> appDB. Bugzilla is not the right place for that.
>> Why do you think Bugzilla cannot be used for tracking documentation bugs? 
>> There is a "wine-documentation" component and a "WineHQ Apps Database" 
>> component, if you think that wine-misc is totally wrong.
> Because that's exactly what appDB is for.
>> I would very much prefer is this bug could be left open until someone has 
>> managed to figure out what needs to be overridden to actually *run* IE.
> I explained in the bug and will repeat here. Wine does not run windows. Wine
> runs windows applications. That's the main goal. The ultimate goal is to run
> every windows application without using any native component. That way Wine will
> be 100% replacement to windows. If you install any part of windows (per m$) you
> have to have windows licence.
> I'm not saying that some one can not find a way to run ie on Wine. In fact I
> spent quite some time putting that "magic" list of overrides together. Now it's
> been removed because Wine has it's own replacement for ie whenever app needs
> that.

If you are saying that Wine shouldn't actively try to support IE like 
other Apps, I very much regret this. As a part time web developer I have 
learned to hate IE very much, each and every bit of web code written has 
to be tested with it and I always had to go and find a Windows machine 
to do this. Supporting IE in Wine would help a lot of web developers to 
migrate completely to Linux.

Nearly every Laptop-user has a (maybe unwanted) license for some windows 
version, so these people (including me) are allowed to run IE on any OS 
they want.

And I think it good for Wine to have its own IE replacement too.

Just my 2 €cents.

> Vitaliy.


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