Resend: WineD3D: pixel format cleanup

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Jun 21 09:53:11 CDT 2006

> It doesn't (last I checked)... neither does CreateVolume().
> This also requires a test to see what Windows does.
> Checking if a format is supported before
> > returning the gl config doesn't really make sense. If the format isn't
> > supported and we ask gl for a compressed texture we will get an error
> > returned and broken graphics(because we ignore gl errors generally). If
> > we pass 0 instead for the gl format and internal format we will have
> > broken graphics too but I don't think gl returns an error then(although
> > I'd have to
> > check the man page for that)
> I agree, but I thought the patch was a no-op :)
Oh well, not a 100% no op then. But that is hard to nop with a constant 
table :-)

Well, almost all cards support that extension, so it's a de-facto no-op
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