Wine developers?

Kai Blin blin at
Wed Jun 21 12:27:28 CDT 2006

* Jonathan Clark <jclark at> [20/06/06, 23:35:26]:
> Judging by the two negative reactions, apparently I didn't follow protocol
> for posting to the list and I want to apologize for that.  I understand how
> it can look from a different perspective.   I checked with the #wine-hackers
> channel first and those guys were very friendly.  We had a great discussion
> and when I mentioned we were looking for developers they suggested I post
> here.  
> Thanks for your time and consideration,
I wouldn't necessarily judge the whole list by just two negative
reactions. It's interesting to see that with my wine experience there
might be jobs out there working on something similar. (Not that I'm
interested right now, I'm still at university...)

I'm sure you're aware that in every open source project, there's people
who oppose commercial software development for philosophical reasons.

As for stealing developers, I think the terms of contract could make
sure that the developer is free to work on wine in his spare time, but
that's a thing for people interested in the job to take care of.

The same people who proposed to post here will still back up that
proposal, even if they don't speak up now.


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