appdb redesign

Evgeny Burzak fly-x at
Wed Jun 21 12:55:49 CDT 2006

in a while will make html page with suggestion for all developers.
Then i think internal pages needed for reviews.


CM> It looks pretty cool man.  I like moving the search up to the top of the page
CM> because its width is pretty cramped on the left side.  The coloring of the
CM> top-X lists looks pretty neat as well with the icons there.

CM> Was your plan to post a suggestion or to follow it up with patches to start to
CM> implement the changes on the site?

CM> Chris

CM> On Wednesday 21 June 2006 11:32 am, Evgeny Burzak wrote:
>> take a new look at appdb.
>> Suggestions, crtitical opinion, spell-checking, pizza, money,
>> post-cards are welcome -__-
>> Evgeny

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