Wine developers?

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Thu Jun 22 07:02:12 CDT 2006

Jonathan Clark wrote:
> Judging by the two negative reactions

Based on the expressive smiley in my posting, I'd hardly consider it negative.

It was more of a well-meaning joke, but perhaps also one that told how
your posting could be interpreted.

I *would* find it interesting to know how much inspiration you guys
find in the Wine codebase, though.

Have you thought about collaborating with the Wine project instead of
hiring people from it?  Since Thinstall versus the Wine project are
not exactly targeting the same markets, collaboration on API
development could be fruitful for both parties.

(Oh, and I'm not exactly a Wine developer either, so no reason to take
my comments too seriously.)

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