CFileDialog::OnFolderChange() problem with Customized file open dialog

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Jun 23 01:16:51 CDT 2006

Ravinder wrote:
> I am currently working on making a windows program function in
> wine. it works for the most part, so i'm trying to iron out a
> few critical bugs.  first off... i'm looking at microsoft's
> CFileDialog class - it is what the standard windows 'open
> file' and 'save file' dialog windows use.  the problem is this:
> CFileDialog has a built in function called OnFolderChange, that
> is used to determine whether the user has changed folders in the
> dialog, whether by double click or what not.. the program i'm
> working on overrides the CFileDialog class, and includes more
> code for the OnFolderChange function (and for other functions)
> for its own purposes. the new OnFolderChange function works
> perfectly fine in windows, but is completely ignored when using
> wine - it never even gets called, while the rest of the dialog
> window retains all of its intended functionality.

I see you've filed about
on Jonathan Ernst's advice.  Good advice!  But be sure to add the
full source code and project file for your sample code, as some
people do have Visual C++, and will want to build it and step through.

ATL problems are, I suspect, hard to diagnose because it requires
understanding a bit about how ATL works under the hood,
which few people do.

If you're in a hurry for a solution, you could engage Codeweavers to solve
problems like this.
- Dan

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