ddraw assert prevents Ankh from starting

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Fri Jun 23 05:04:39 CDT 2006

Am Dienstag 20 Juni 2006 09:17 schrieb Christoph Frick:
> hiho
> on the end of this mail is a patch, that removes an assert(0) from the
> surface code in ddraw. but removing it let Ankh[1][2] start (it started
> before, but there where no loading screen visible). yet there are other
> problems with this game - but it now actually works better than before.
Oh, just noticed that ankh renders with direct3d9 by default. It can be 
switched to opengl by commenting out the d3d9 plugin in 
bin/release/plugins.cfg and enablding the opengl plugin instead. However, 
this doesn't fix the loading bug, and it still hits the assertion in ddraw.
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