Jaap Stolk jwstolk at
Fri Jun 23 07:13:18 CDT 2006

I'm trying to run Autocad 2004. (installation from cd "works")

current status: (/blog)

It starts a long way, and wine seems to handle the usual
CreateFileA("\\\\.\\NTICE") and IsDebuggerPresent() properly, and it
generates and runs some dll's in the temp directory. But the program
exists without any waring or error.
I'm still searching for the reason, but i have several clues.

But today the log files are shorter, the above calls are missing, and
instead I get an c0000119 error (STATUS_INVALID_LDT_OFFSET)

200135:0011: read_process_memory() = 0 { data={00,00,00,00} }
200136:0011: get_handle_fd( handle=0xc, access=00000002 )
200137:0011: get_handle_fd() = 0 { fd=9, removable=0, flags=0 }
200138:0x4074fc00:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
200139:0011: get_selector_entry( handle=0x2c, entry=7 )
200140:000f: *signal* signal=19
200141:0011: get_selector_entry() = 0 { base=00000000, limit=00000000,
flags=00 }
200142:fixme:ntdll:RtlNtStatusToDosErrorNoTeb no mapping for c0000119
200143:0011: get_handle_fd( handle=0xc, access=00000002 )
200144:0011: get_handle_fd() = 0 { fd=9, removable=0, flags=0 }
200146:0011: get_handle_fd( handle=0xc, access=00000002 )
200147:0011: get_handle_fd() = 0 { fd=9, removable=0, flags=0 }
200148:=>1 0xffffe002 (0xffffe002)
200149:0009:Ret  ntdll.NtDelayExecution() retval=00000000 ret=4037416a
200150:0009:Ret  kernel32.Sleep() retval=00000000 ret=408fc345

I don't have any "+all" log files from yesterday, but I'm sure there
was no "fixme" then.

Is Wine actually simulating the LDT stuff ?

I think I should try with a fresh install.

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