How do I get the unix filename for a wine handle?

Christoph Probst chris-usenet at
Fri Jun 23 14:19:46 CDT 2006


I'm one of the Google Summer of Code students and I'm working on the ClamAV 
integration in wine. Today I was discussing an issue with my mentor and he 
suggested to post it here.

Currently I'm working on a scan-after-write functionality: Whenever a file was 
changed the virusscanner checks the file.

My plan is to hook in NtWriteFile() (dlls/ntdll/file.c), because whenever a 
windows program writes to a file this function is called. Within this 
function the file is accessed using its unix_handle.

The problem is that I need to know the unix filename for clamAV to access the 
file, but I see no proper way or function to get it as long as I just know 
the unix_handle or fd.

Possible solutions so far:

1. searching /proc/self/fd/%d for the name. This would be an easy but
   very ugly solution.

2. maintaining a table mapping unix_handles to filenames from within
   NtCreateFile(). Hence I don't have the feeling that this is a good

3. storing the unix filename in the wineserver handle object when it's
   created. This is probably the right place to keep this information but
   it would require some changes to the wineserver. If I understand it
   right it is already planned to implement something like this
   ("lookup_name" in server/object.c)

But maybe I just missed an even better approach. What would you recommend to 
do? Any comment is appreciated. 


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