Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Fri Jun 23 20:47:09 CDT 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006, 9:47:01 AM, Jaap Stolk wrote:
> ExAllocatePoolWithTag( ) function in the file ntoskrnl_api.c :

> I changed:
> WINE_TRACE("(%d %ld %.4s), semi-stub\n", PoolType, NumberOfBytes, (char*)&Tag);
> to:
> WINE_TRACE("(%d %ld %4s), semi-stub\n", PoolType, NumberOfBytes, (char*)&Tag);

> Don't know how decimals are supposed to work with a string, but it
> didn't work for me.

You can ignore tag altogether. It's only enabled with a special registry key (on
windows). And drivers have no way nor need to verify the tag. So I think you can
just remove that trace. I will need to think something to stop of from crashing.
Or try using wine_dbgstr_a((char*)&Tag) instead.

PS: I wasn't sure if you were using my ntoskrnl implementation or not. If you
are then could you post somewhere +ntoskrnl trace? That might be helpful. Also
it could be number of other things that this driver tries to do that ntoskrnl
has not implementation for.


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